Professor Patrick Smith Captivates Cayman’s Kids

Professor Patrick Smith was the special guest speaker at the joint Children’s program held at the Mary Miller Hall in George Town, Grand Cayman. Like the pipe piper he had the children spell bound as he preached, taught, acted, sang and took the children (and adults) through an unforgettable day of amazing and insightful gems in preparing children for tomorrow.

Professor Smith started the day by delivering the sermon during the divine hour, however this was not your usual divine hour as at one point he had over fifty children join him on stage singing and chanting and marching around at his command. He used Kaneil Barrette Jr. to demonstrate how kids can be propelled to instant excellence by the proper suggestive techniques, he showed how fifty children could be made to render utter silence at the right prompting, how channelled distraction cause children to adjust behaviour in the way you want them to.

Then in the afternoon he hosted a sit down conversation on the use and impact on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. His open talk back with the kids had many confessing to their escapades online, and even suggesting self corrections. His in-depth knowledge of the mind of today’s children has proven a most beneficial find for this Conference and no doubt his third consecutive annual appointment is already being discussed.

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