Children Preachers Graduate in Style

Last Sabbath afternoon saw a display of evangelistic flavor from eight and nine year old Seventh-day Adventist children as they demonstrated what they had learnt during the just concluded Child Preacher Training Program. This program was hosted by the Children’s Ministry Department of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and the facilitator was Pastor Wesley Nyack.

The graduation service was held at the Savannah Seventh-day Adventist Church, where over fifty budding preachers received their awards and ten of these received awards for perfect attendance. Eight speakers represented the class and each gave a short sermon on an outstanding Bible character, while demonstrating the oratorical and performance skills which they had acquired. The large crowd was drawn to loud applause as the children impressed with their deliveries.

At the end Pastor Nyack gave an overview of the program and gave further demonstration from his proteges.  Mrs Cereta McDonald, Departmental Director, Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist was the architect of this program, and she gave special commendation to the children’s ministry leaders of the various churches for their assistance. Young Roshe Riley, who gave the final demonstration then made a presentation to Pastor Nyack, on behalf of the children and the department. Mrs Carol Nyack, who also assisted with the program was also recognized.

Professor Patrick Smith Captivates Cayman’s Kids

Professor Patrick Smith was the special guest speaker at the joint Children’s program held at the Mary Miller Hall in George Town, Grand Cayman. Like the pipe piper he had the children spell bound as he preached, taught, acted, sang and took the children (and adults) through an unforgettable day of amazing and insightful gems in preparing children for tomorrow.

Professor Smith started the day by delivering the sermon during the divine hour, however this was not your usual divine hour as at one point he had over fifty children join him on stage singing and chanting and marching around at his command. He used Kaneil Barrette Jr. to demonstrate how kids can be propelled to instant excellence by the proper suggestive techniques, he showed how fifty children could be made to render utter silence at the right prompting, how channelled distraction cause children to adjust behaviour in the way you want them to.

Then in the afternoon he hosted a sit down conversation on the use and impact on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. His open talk back with the kids had many confessing to their escapades online, and even suggesting self corrections. His in-depth knowledge of the mind of today’s children has proven a most beneficial find for this Conference and no doubt his third consecutive annual appointment is already being discussed.

Children’s Fair Full of Food and Fun

The annual Children’s Fun Day hosted Sis Cereta McDonald and the Children’s Ministry Department of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist was held in Bodden Town this past Sunday. The children were treated to a full day of food and fun even with the promoters stating that some of the planned attractions were not present.

The children however had more than their fill, what with three bouncing castles at their disposal, three face painters a professional clown making all sorts of balloon shapes and an endless supply of food rivaling any Jamaican all-inclusive hotel. The plastic bottles could not be emptied fast enough for the art and craft table while those with a strong arm tried out at knocking out balloons on the target board.

Professor Smith was on hand to show his more informal side and was actually able to register an outstanding win at the domino came which was provided for the adults. Pastor McDonald, who provided male supervision to some of the tiny tots, had his hands full as they took advantage of his grand-fatherly skills.

Sister McDonald as the main organiser was always on the move ensuring a smooth accident free and eventful day’s activities. Like the proverbial feeding of the five thousand, this was one of the first local events where guests were all offered take home supplies from the abundance of food provided.

Special Vege Burger Unveiled at Children’s Fair

Attendees at the annual children’s fair were in for an unexpected treat as they ate from among the fine culinary delights provided by the event organizer. Everyone went scurrying to find the originator of the special vege burgers that captivated the pallets of those who were lucky to get some before it quickly got snatched away by grateful patron. Continue Reading »Special Vege Burger Unveiled at Children’s Fair